SAP Business Objects 4.1 Audit Dashboard

Amidst of all the amazing data visualization tools available out in the market, I’m writing this post to show what wonders you can do by leveraging Web Intelligence tool from SAP Business Intelligence 4.1 product suite. My idea for this post is not to compare it with any of the Data Viz. tools but just to share something useful for the organizations which are using Business Objects as their main reporting tool.

I have seen Business Objects evolving as a rich product; versions after versions from the ages of BO 6.5 and with the complete hands-on experience on all the versions since then, I feel BO 4.1 is very stable and a mature product of its own race. In order to effectively manage an enterprise product for a global user base, one needs to ensure its availability to the users and should be aware of the platform issues they might encounter in advance.  Out of several methods of system monitoring, I’m sharing a practice that I’d implemented using BO audit universe. Continue reading